You have the option of three different painting levels.

Pricing includes assembly & priming. If your models are already assembled or primed, this may or may not lower the cost depending on the model. Some models become more difficult to paint when fully assembled.

I will be sure to inform you if the model you wish to have painted is more suited to a different paint level – even if that means I make less money!!

Basic surface colors painted. Shades/Washes. No extra details. One base texture. This option is best if you just need an army painted quick for a tournament that requires 3 colors. This option is also recommended for low-detail figures - such as many of the Reaper Bones line.

Shading & highlights. All details painted. Some weathering & effects. Additional basing details. Great for D&D Characters.

Hand shading & highlighting. All details. Weathering. Special effects such as NMM & complex OSL. Freehand imagery or writing. Unique base. Please keep in mind that all level 3 prices are the minimum for these highly complex projects depending on level of customization.

Model Type & Examples Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

Tiny Infantry

Gretchin, Blue Horrors, Halflings


Regular Infantry

Ork Boyz, Simple Characters, Glade Guard


Elite Infantry

Terminators, Commandos, Many D&D Characters


Hero Character

High detailed character figures - HQs


Bikes & Mounted

Reavers, Black Knights, Riders


Small Vehicles

Voidweavers, Land Speeders


Medium Vehicles

Land Raiders, Battlewagons, most flyers, etc.)


Monsters & Mech-Suits

Morghasts, Dreadnoughts, Drycha


Large Monsters & Vehicles

Terrorgheists, Treemen, Ravagers


Extra Large Models

Titans, Stompa, Archaon


Prices are subject to change. Use the form below to get a quote.

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The form helps eliminate a lot of back and forth as well as providing a place for you to upload reference images without the chance of it getting caught in a spam filter. It also helps me keep your project related info all in one spot so that I don't have to check various forms of communication.


If you would rather send me a general email you are welcome to through my contact page, but keep in mind that any discussion back and forth may delay your project!

I'll do my best to give a current estimate once I receive your request. It varies greatly depending on the scope of the project and my current schedule of commissions.

Make your best guess! So long as you include either the name of the model, a link, or an image of the model I'll be able to determine the type of model and what level I think it should be painted at.

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Be sure to check your form information to see that the email you entered was accurate. If you entered an incorrect email and I cannot get a hold of you, I will also try texting/calling if you included your phone number after about a week.